Rome Breaking News:Fiumicino Airport closed because of fire

Airport remain closed until 14.00.

Rome’s main international airport at Fiumicino remains closed after a fire broke out in Terminal 3, which is used for international flights, in the early hours of Thursday 7 May.

The airport, also known as Leonardo da Vinci, is scheduled to reopen at 14.00, and passengers are advised not to go to the airport before contacting their airlines.

The fire is believed to have started at a bar in the area just after passport control in Terminal 3, and not in the underground baggage depot as previously reported.


Incendio in aeroporto Fiumicino



There were no serious injuries although three people suffered smoke inhalation. The blaze was brought under control after several hours but the cause of the fire is not yet known. A number of duty free outlets are believed to have been completely destroyed.

The incident has led to significant delays and some cancellations, and authorities say it will take “a few days” before the airport is back operating at its full capacity.

The fire has also resulted in major road closures in the area surrounding the airport, while the Leonardo Express airport train has also been suspended.

For flight details see airport website and for traffic information see Rome mobility website.

Photo ANSA